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State-of-the-art digital solutions for industries
Powered by AI, Big Data, Computer Vision, IoT


Our solutions cover all aspects of digital transformation and digital operations
Greener Future: measure carbon trace
Demonstrate your commitment to a greener planet, meet regulatory demands, and win the hearts of eco-conscious consumers. Measure your carbon trace with our innovative solution. This one not only enhances sustainability but also boosts your brand's reputation and bottom line.
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Migrate & modernize your data platform in Azure/AWS/GCP
Today, many organizations have their data spread across multiple locations and technologies. Data volumes grow incredibly fast and become increasingly diverse for achieving different goals, such as machine learning extensions for the business intelligence or recommendation systems for a customer’s mobile applications. These circumstances lead to Big Data projects with high performance metrics or the search for optimization methods for existing solutions.
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CV ensuring security
Control and prevent accidents and safety violations with the help of a set of situational video analytics: сontrolling barriers, mechanisms, and machines, perimeter control, biometric access control, analysis of abnormal behavior, fall of personnel, etc., detecting when non-complete or wearing violations PPE sets are worn, reading QR codes and RDIF tags
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State-of-the-art digital solutions for industries.Powered by Ai, Big Data, Computer Vision, IoT
Smart Helmets
Smart Helmets
IoT Solution for Work Safety
Our state-of-the-art smart helmets integrate real-time data analytics and predictive algorithms to ensure the well-being of your workforce. Embrace a culture of safety while boosting productivity – because your team's health matters. 
Digital Twin Platform
Harness the potential of your accumulated data to optimize operations, streamline processes, and uncover hidden opportunities. Let AI be your guiding light in a complex business landscape. 
On Shelf Availability Platform
End-to-end solution for ensuring product availability on the shelf and real-time store resource management. 

Soil Carbon Measurement

Take part in a large-scale project to protect and clean up the environment. We are going to make Europe the world's first climate-neutral continent. Join us.
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